About Nothing

It’s time to write something. Writing is good. No matter what you write. I don’t want to write about my daily experiences because there are some people involved about whom I don’t want to mention. I have just read about a guy who wants to travel around the world with no money. He wants to work at various farms just for food and bed. He is a psychologist and wants to quit his job for this reason. These people deserve respect. I should do the same. What if everyone would do the same? We use to abandon ourselves in our boring jobs and the time of our lives flies away. And in an instant we get old and feel sorry for the time lost behind. I kinda feel like this right now. The only thing by which you can escape from this is writing. And if there is someone who reads what you write is more beautiful.

I don’t fucking know what I should write about. And there are so many things to write about that it’s so difficult to choose from. I found this nice theme for my blog and I’m so glad. The weather outside is not so good. There’s no sun on the sky. It’s going to rain they say. My head is empty. I use too many times “I” and “my”. That means I’m too egotistical. Let’s talk about her. She’s beautiful. I saw her today and she was smiling. Her smile spreads light around her and a good smell. We too often judge people around us and don’t look at ourselves. We have to see ourselves in the eyes of the others. The relationships we have with the others define us. If you want to change yourself, to make yourself a better person, change your relationships with others. We too many times are inclined to blame the others. There is some kind of balance between ourselves and the others.

The time is passing by. What is the time? What is the difference between yesterday and today, between today and tomorrow? Reflections on the meaning of the world. What is your world? Your world is not my world. Is there God in this world?


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