Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I wrote here last time. 2017 is ending tonight. I’ve been through a lot of things this year. It was a totally different year from the previous ones for me. There were some changes in my life, professionally and  personally.  All in all, it was better than 2016. I’m not getting into details but I can say that I have grown a bit. There were some tough moments at the end of the year but I took it as an opportunity to learn more from my experience. And I have really learned. They say we are defined by our relationships with others. Yes, I have to work on that. I have been focused more on me and less on my relationships with the others. Yeah, I’m a self centered person. As you guys can see I use a lot of times ‘I’.  Probably the best thing to do the next year would be to open myself more towards the others. But I have to be cautious cause the other might not be what he or she seems to be. I don’t feel older at all. Actually I don’t feel the time. It’s like I live out of time. Probably I’m a bit out of reality.  Happy New Year!


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